About Vroom® & Brain Building

Vroom is an international program empowering parents and caregivers to play a proactive role in their children’s early brain development by turning shared, everyday moments into Brain Building Moments®.

By taking early brain science out of the lab and putting it in the hands of caregivers, Vroom empowers parents to see what they are already doing to support their child’s brain development, and encourages more of it.

To further support NYC parents and caregivers, Growing Up NYC has made a selection of Vroom TipsTM available in the Brain Building Companion. For the full collection of tips, visit Vroom.org.

Brain Building 101

A baby’s brain is wired to grow from birth! It starts off with billions of neurons. During your child’s earliest years, their brain makes one million neural connections every single second. That’s a lot of brain building! 

Positive, supportive experiences with adults help your child’s brain grow strong and flexible. That makes you your child’s #1 brain builder! Learn more about brain building and Vroom

Brain Building BasicsTM

This engaging video walks audiences through the science-based Brain Building Basics that form the foundation of Vroom tips: Look, Follow, Chat, Take Turns, and Stretch. These tools easily convey the way adults can help a child’s brain grow strong.


These five actions grow your child’s brain power

Children use their eyes to learn. See what catches your child’s eye and talk about it. Or connect eye-to-eye, then smile, chat, hug, or make funny faces!

Young children learn best when you follow their lead. Tune into your child’s words, sounds, ideas, and movements! Then respond with your own words and actions.

Children’s brains light up when you talk, sing, or make sounds back and forth with them. So chat about your day, food, and what’s around you, or string sounds together for a fun conversation!

Take Turns
Children learn from taking turns when you play, talk, or explore. After they go, take your turn. Then repeat: they go, you go, they go, you go!

Children’s brains grow strong when you help them stretch their learning further. Keep a moment going: ask your child a question that starts with what, when, where, how, or why!

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Updated September 14, 2020