Civic Impact at Home

Change comes in many forms, and we can still make a difference even from home.  If you find yourself going outside to protest, check out recommendations below to stay safe while exercising your civic rights and sharing your voice during COVID-19.   


Show us NYC through your eyes right now. Contribute an image to the website from your cell phone or camera, and see what other youth have submitted from across the city. Responses will also be used to help influence city policymakers on the Children’s Cabinet as they make decisions about resources and programming in the coming months.


Share your story!


Amplify is a survey platform made by and for youth. Sign up, and take the Youth Ask Youth Census surveys to share how you experience things like economics, school, and safety in your life.

Taking the surveys also earns you points you can use to enter raffles and win big! Results will be analyzed and published by youth this fall and used to advocate for changes across NYC.


Start taking surveys today!

Service at Home

Want to contribute to your local community and focus on critical issues like voting, mask making, sustainability, and standing in solidarity with immigrant New Yorkers? Find projects to do at home on your own, with your family, or run a virtual project with your friends!


Contribute from home!

Protesting During COVID-19

Taking your voice to the streets? Protest safely with these tips and guidelines