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Show us NYC through your eyes.

The state of the world has us unsettled to our core. No matter how many TikToks we watch, we’re still shook by our current situation. This experience is particularly unique, especially for youth. We hear what adults are thinking and feeling—what about your story? 

Add your story to documentarNYC. Through images, words, or both, tell the City about your life right now—whether it’s the pandemic, ongoing activism surrounding systemic racism, or anything else that’s relevant to your life in this moment. Through documentarNYC you can:

  • Show what’s happening in your life
  • See what other youth are experiencing
  • Influence what NYC policymakers think and do to respond to youth 
  • Keep adding to the story so we witness, connect, care, and hold our stories together. 

How to share your story

There are three ways to participate in documentarNYC

    1. Freestyle
      Submit a photo, poem, artwork, video, spoken word (whatever medium works for you!) about
      what’s happening for you.
    2. Fill in the blanks
      Choose one or more and tell us:
      •   Where are you now?
      •   How has your world changed?
      •   What worries you?
      •   What keeps you strong?
    3. Shortcut
      Take a photo that represents your life right now. Challenge three friends to do the same.

For photos and video, avoid showing faces. This protects privacy. 

Submit your story

  1. Use the tips above to think through your submission.
  2. One you have your idea, take a few photos. You can submit up to three at one time.
  3. Use the link below to submit your photos. You’ll also be asked to write 1–2 sentences to describe the photos. Be sure to think of how you’d like to describe them before you submit.
  4. Keep checking back. You can submit as many times as you’d like, and we’ll be posting different prompts as the project evolves. And you can also look through other youth’s posts as well to see what others are thinking and feeling.  

Get inspired! Scroll down to see what other youth have submitted.


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