To help limit the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19), in-person events across NYC have been canceled, but you can still attend the virtual events below! Learn more about COVID-19 resources for families on our Coronavirus Updates page.

The Bronx Zoo spans 265 acres and is home to more than 6,000 animals. From Tiger Mountain to World of Reptiles, there is plenty to see. You may need to visit multiple times to experience all the park has to offer. Luckily, it's easy to get to and free every Wednesday! You can also visit for free any time with a free, one-year membership through IDNYC.
  • Exhibits: The Bronx Zoo has 15 free exhibits on display. You can visit Madagascar! and see the 97 lemur species native to Madagascar island, view a rainbow of feathers in World of Birds, or spend an sunny afternoon watching lions play in African Plains. The most popular exhibits are Tiger Mountain, Himalayan Highlands, and World of Reptiles.
  • Penguins & Sea Lion Feedings: Penguins and sea lions are fed daily. Penguin feedings happen at 3:30pm. Sea lions feedings happen twice a day, at 11:00am and 3:00pm. Come and watch.
  • Special Exhibits & Activities: If you have an extra $6-8 to spare, try visiting a special exhibit. You can walk through Butterfly Garden or visit Congo Gorilla Forest. Maybe even ride on a camel?