St. George, Staten Island

Free day trip Neighborhoods

St. George is the neighborhood that immediately greets you when you hop off the Staten Island Ferry. It's home to Victorian architecture, the Staten Island Yankees stadium, one of the city’s oldest concert halls, museums, and restaurants.


  • Sail Across the Harbor: Get your camera ready and catch a free cruise across the New York Harbor on the Staten Island Ferry. Take in views of the Manhattan skyline, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty.
  • History & Architecture: Walk through the historic district to view some 19th century homes and buildings. Visit the Staten Island Borough Hall, opened in 1906, and the Staten Island 9/11 Memorial. Check out the St. George Theater or the National Lighthouse Museum to learn about the history of marine navigation—just $3 for students.
  • Shops & Restaurants: Explore the local shops and restaurants. From authentic Italian food cooked by gonna (grandma) to quirky comic shops and performance spaces in used book stores, there’s lots to try, browse, and explore!