Upward Bound College Prep & Enrichment Program

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Youth can take part in the Upward Bound Summer Academy to get free college prep, other academic support, earn up to $900, go on free trips, and more.


Upward Bound helps high schoolers prepare for college. The summer academy will feature:

  • Academic enrichment classes: English, math, sciences, SAT prep, etc
  • College prep classes: learn about the admission process, financial aid, work on college essays, scholarship search, etc
  • College trips & tours
  • Robotics and entrepreneurship club
  • Local NYC trips: Van Gough exhibit, Red Bulls Soccer game, and more
  • Ability to earn up to $900 through a work-study program

Classes will take place virtually this summer with in-person activities. Upward Bound is a year-round program and admitted students will continue to get support through the Saturday Academy during the school year, and upcoming summers until they graduate high school.


  • Students in (or entering) high school this Fall
  • Students who live in or go to school in Brooklyn (Westinghouse, Clara Barton, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Prep)
  • Students who meet other guidelines (income, first-generation college-bound, etc)

When and where

  • July 6th  – August 13th
  • Virtual and in-person

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Updated June 24, 2021