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EarlyLearn NYC Head Start programs provide a safe, caring environment for three and four year old children. Care is provided at a center for eight hours a day and children are fed healthy meals and snacks.

  • Care is only available at centers
  • If you are receiving Cash Assistance and in an HRA-approved work, education, or training activity you are probably eligible
  • Pre-K is offered to all four year olds in partnership with the NYC Department of Education
  • Services are available for children with special needs

Am I Eligible?

To be eligible, you should be able to answer yes to these questions:

  • Is your child three or four years old?
  • Is your family already receiving services from either ACS or the NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA)?
  • Is your income equal to or less than program income requirements?


Family size Income in a year Income in a month Income in a week
1 $12,140 $1,012 $233
2 $16,460 $1,372 $317
3 $20,780 $1,732 $400
4 $25,100 $2,092 $483
5 $29,420 $2,452 $566
6 $33,740 $2,812 $649
7 $38,060 $3,172 $732
8 $42,380 $3,532 $815
for each additional person, add: $4,320 $360 $ 83


What Will I Need to Apply?

To enroll your child in a program, you will need to prove the following:

  • Your child’s age
  • Your income, which can include a TANF or SSI benefit letter

I'm Ready To Apply

  • Use the EarlyLearn NYC program finder and choose a provider.
  • Visit the program of your choice and get an application.
  • Complete the application and submit it with required documents to the EarlyLearn NYC Head Start program of your choice.
  • If you are receiving benefits from the Human Resources Administration (HRA) and would like to enroll in an EarlyLearn NYC program, visit your assigned Job Center.


How Can I Get Help?

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