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Gifted & Talented (G&T) programs are one way NYC supports the needs of exceptional students. These programs offer more intense classes that challenge students.

There are two types of G&T programs:

  • District G&T programs take students in local elementary schools
  • Citywide G&T programs take students from across NYC

Am I Eligible?

  • Students entering kindergarten through third grade are eligible to participate in G&T admissions
  • Children must pass an assessment to be eligible to apply to G&T programs

What Will I Need to Apply?

Prepare your students for these assessments by taking practice tests in the G&T Program Handbook.

I'm Ready to Apply

  • Submit a Request for Testing form (RFT), available online and at Family Welcome Centers¬†each year in mid-October
  • Testing takes place each January

How Can I Get Help?

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