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You qualify for free tax filing with NYC Free Tax Prep if your family earned $80,000 or less or if you’re a single filer who earned $56,000 or less in 2022. IRS-certified VITA/TCE volunteer preparers are available to help you file.

  • The deadline to file your 2022 tax return is April 18, 2023.
  • There are many ways you can file for free with NYC Free Tax Prep.
    • Virtual Tax Prep: A preparer can help you file your tax return during a 60-90 minute virtual call.
    • Assisted Self-Prep: Complete your tax return on your own. A preparer will be available by phone or email to answer your questions.
    • Drop-off service: Drop off your tax documents and pick up the completed return later
    • In-person: Get your taxes prepared for free at a tax prep location near you.
  • When you file your taxes, you may qualify for tax credits such as EITC, Child Tax Credit, or Child and Dependent Tax Credit. These tax credits can increase your refund.
    • If you get a refund, the IRS mails it to you or deposits it into your bank account.

Who is eligible

You’re eligible for free tax prep if you earned this in 2022:

  • $80,000 or less and have dependents
  • $56,000 or less and you don’t have dependents

What you need to apply

See a list of documents you’ll need to file your taxes.

How to apply

Visit NYC Free Tax Prep for virtual, in person, or drop-off service tax prep help.

How to get help

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Updated January 30, 2023