At Fresh Air Fund camps, children spend two weeks at an overnight camp near Fishkill, NY playing, learning, and exploring with new friends. Activities include swimming and nature hikes, arts-based classes, as well as activities that focus on leadership development, science and technology.


  • Cost: Free for eligible families
  • Who: Girls 8 – 12 years old; boys 8 – 15 years old
  • When: Multiple sessions, from June to August 
  • Where: Fishkill, NY
  • Website:

How to Apply

Apply online or fill out the application send it:

The Fresh Air Fund Attn: Community Outreach
633 Third Avenue, 14th Fl
New York, NY 10017

Send the application, along with the supporting documents, by April 30.

If your child is getting special education services, in-school supportive services, or mental health or social work services in or out of school, please call 1-800-367-0003 to get an evaluation form.