Reproductive care for women

Reproductive Health Care | NYC Health + Hospitals

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Women of all ages can get reproductive health care at NYC Health + Hospitals. Services include pregnancy tests and birth control methods, including the pill. Women who visit NYC Health + Hospitals can also get counseling.

  • Care is provided to all women, regardless of your ability to pay
  • NYC Health + Hospitals can help you find insurance if you need it
  • Information about your immigration status is kept private
  • Translation and interpretative services are available in 190 languages
  • Youth twelve and older can get private sexual and reproductive services at YouthHealth Centers

Am I eligible?

All women who live in NYC, regardless of your ability to pay, can get help at a NYC Health + Hospitals center.

I'm ready to apply

NYC Health + Hospitals has centers across the five boroughs. Use the location finder to find a center close to you and call to make an appointment.

How can I get help?

Updated February 21, 2020