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Career and technical education (CTE) lets students gain career skills as they complete high school or high school equivalency (HSE). CTE offers work-based learning experiences like job shadowing, mentorships, and internships. Students can also earn a CTE-endorsed Regents Diploma, on top of traditional high school graduation requirements.

Am I Eligible?

To be eligible to apply for a NYC public high school, you must be able to answer yes to these questions:

  • Are you a NYC resident?
  • Are you currently an 8th grade student of a first-time 9th grade student?

To be eligible for Coop Tech, you must be able to answer yes to these questions:

  • Are you a NYC resident?
  • Are you 17-21 years old?
  • Are you either in 11 or 12th grade, a District 79 program, or have already graduated high school?
  • If you are still a student, have you earned at least 20 credits?

I'm Ready To Apply

To apply for admission to CTE at a public high school:

  1. Get a paper application from your middle school guidance counselor or at a Family Welcome Center.
  2. Use the NYC School Finder to find high schools based on where you live and your interests.
  3. Select up to 12 high schools in the order you’d like to attend.
  4. Give your completed application to your guidance counselor by December 1st.

To apply for admissions at Coop Tech, complete the application and follow the directions listed

How Can I Get Help?

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